Genre Categories: Nominations of November 2022

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the season of November competing in 65 different categories. These works were shortlisted from an official selection pool with acceptance rate of 44,1%, based on submissions from 20 countries with total runtime of 36:11:41.

***Categories not listed have no submissions meeting the requirements***

***Categories TBA have 2 or less projects with eligible scores for awards. The announcement of the award winner(s) for these categories is done along with the award winners of all of the other categories***

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Technical Categories: Nominations of November 2022


Best Horror Short

1848 by Alfonso Otero Mireles (Mexico)

Dahlia by William Hawks (USA)

Gulabo Rani by Usman Mukhtar (Pakistan)

This Be The Verse by Noah Chandler Hense (USA)

Virgil by Christopher Stevens (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short


Best Comedy Short

Good Neighbors by Juan Mas (USA)

Mr. and Mrs. by Weihao Wang (USA)

The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race by Shane Crosland (USA)

The Guitar Thief by Miguel Lepe Jr (USA)

Tough Guy by Aaron Mills (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Cock N’ Bull 3 by Nathan Adloff (USA)

Mort by Charlie Queen (USA)

The Soundguy by Keith Obit (USA)

Best Crime Short

Brothers in Iron by Enrique Vazquez (USA)

Fender Bender by Chad Ansermet (USA)

Snow Hunt by Patrick Andreas Marcher (Denmark)

Sorry for the Wait by Zachary Wynecoop and Jurel Kirkland (USA)

The Better to Eat You With by Paolo Cerrino (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

A Stranger’s Story by Alonzo Waller (USA)

Salvation by Zane (Canada)

The Fourth is of a Devil by Revaz-Giorgi Arveladze (Georgia)

Best Thriller Short

Fish Out Of Water by Sasha Nelson (USA)

One More Minute by Srishti Chhabria (UK)

Pastiche by Shivaan Makker (USA)

Best Mystery Short


Best Western Short


Best Fantasy Short


Best Indie Short

10 Seconds by Cara McPhie (Australia)

A Little Inflamed by Thomas Allen (USA)

Maqluba by Shady Mawajdeh (USA)

The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race by Shane Crosland (USA)

This Idea of Love by Jesse Velik and Lucy Velik (Australia)

Best Drama Short

Escorted by Adrian Antonsen (Norway)

Letters for Lost Lovers by Faisal Ahmad (UK)

Vacationland by Joseph Louis Coleman (USA)

Best Animation Short

Ascension by Griffin Roessler (USA)

B Positive by Frances Chang (USA)

Clicker by Charles Kugler (USA)

Best Children Short


Best Women Short


Best Romantic Short


Best LGBTQ Short


Best Documentary Short

Beirut ’22 by Patrick H. Kohl (Lebanon)

Dream Catcher by Teo Simmons (USA)

Human 2.0 by Nourah Al Hasawi (USA)

Louie (Kr.One) Gasparro 5Pointz by Eirini Alligiannis (USA)

Uncanny Valley: Belly by Anthony A. DiMaria (USA)

Best Experimental Short

I Did, Did I? by Michael Caden and Darin Eaton II (USA)

Luen – Strange Purpose by Shane Crosland (Australia)

Safer This Way by Danny Erb (USA)

Scraggliness by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

Sewn With Scarlet Strings by Lillianna Munro and Nasir Simmons (UK)

Best Microfilm


Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Blackwater Blues by Stephen Wise (USA)

Cosmic Virtuoso by Scienshell Studio (USA)

The Cloaked Realm – The Knight and the Queen by Marisa Cohen and Peter Issac Alexander (USA)

The Soundguy by Keith Obit (USA)

This Side of Hell by Brendan Dean and Omata Onoda (USA)

Best Web and New Media


Best Mobile Short


Best Music Video

Broken Mirror – Kayla Burch by Steve Brock (USA)

Ghost by Charles Billot (USA)

Kylie Love: Complete Me by Brad Hammer (USA)

Teleportation by Susan Mey Lee Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, and Matthieu Eymard (Singapore)

The Cows Came Home by Haley Ahern (USA)

Best Mockumentary/Docucomedy Short


Best Parody Short


Best Short Script

East of Lincoln Blvd. by Sophia Lee (USA)

Scandiman by Kerrys Louise Virgo (USA)

Sven by Jesse Dorian (USA)

Three Manikins by Abass Abass (Australia)

Wolf Hollow by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (USA)

Technical Categories: Nominations of November 2022


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