Technical Categories: Nominations of November 2022

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Genre Categories: Nominations of November 2022

Best Producer

Agustina Maruca for The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race (USA)

Julian Vargas, Anjée McNary, and Thomas McNary for Wants and Needs (USA)

Nourah Al Hasawi, Chris Villegas, and Byron Groom for Human 2.0 (USA)

Patrick H. Kohl for Beirut ’22 (Lebanon)

Scott Goldstein and Dave Yakir for The Guitar Thief (USA)

Best Director (Female)


Best Director (Male)

Casey de Fremery for Avocado (USA)

Jay William Thomas for Aquae Vitae (USA)

Patrick H. Kohl for Beirut ’22 (Lebanon)

Usman Mukhtar for Gulabo Rani (Pakistan)

Yoson Na for John (New Zealand)

Best Student Director (Female)


Best Student Director (Male)

Joseph Louis Coleman for Vacationland (USA)

WenWei Hu for Lollipop (China)

Zhongqi Wang for The Lost Key (China)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Ann Topolsky for My Name is Shaun (Poland)

Christine Marshall for Hardly What You Want to Hear (USA)

Zukiswa Mbalenhle Mhlongo for Why Didn’t You? (South Africa)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Charlie Queen for Mort (USA)

Danny Erb for Safer This Way (USA)

Julian Vargas for Wants and Needs (USA)

Miguel Lepe Jr for The Guitar Thief (USA)

Shane Crosland for The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)


Best Actress

Ana Lancaster-Jones for 1848 (Mexico)

Janet McTeer for Vacationland (USA)

Keyla Snowden for Getit How You Live (USA)

Best Actor


Best Supporting Actress


Best Supporting Actor


Best Child/Young Actress


Best Child/Young Actor


Best Acting Duo

Charlotte Ewing and Annie Tisdale for Fish Out Of Water (USA)

David Thomas Newman and Austin Walker for Lizard (USA)

Deborah Marlowe and Dan Anderson for Good Neighbors (USA)

Jacquis Neal and Selorm Kploanyi for Wants and Needs (USA)

Robert Zoppo and Hunter Shigley for Fender Bender (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Kelly Lynn Warren, David Leeper, Bailey Frankenberg, and Jon Meyer for Aquae Vitae (USA)

Keyla Snowden, Marlin Minks, Shannon Marie Adams, Aarabella Floyd, Athina Miller, and Lee Bingham for Getit How You Live (USA)

Miguel Lepe, Jr., Nathalie Galde, Vernon Mina, Edesio Sanchez-Gomez, Mike Geraghty, Rob Grabowski, Claudia Martinez, and Orlando Lara for The Guitar Thief (USA)

Olivia Fildes, Eva McEntee, Louis Dickins, Zara Carter, Daniel Howden, Eugenia Garcia Rahi, Sara Guerra Puello, Anna Rasheed, and Lydia Hollowmoor for This Idea of Love (Australia)

Sunny Hamnett, Scott Mackie, Abby Cryer, Gabriel Garcia, Kate Jaggard Willing, Diva Crawford, Liah Herzer, Florian Mana, Esra Unsalen, Jimmi Wright, Adele Brodskaja, Gabriel Garcia, Samuel Palmano, Kahu Andronicus, Ryan Wakefield, Jess Flynn, Jess Lee Foote, Dave Johan, Bridget Maizey, Jay Squidge, Tate Lucas Brockdorff, Tai Truscott, Cathy Campbell, Sophie Marsh, Adri Stambullian, Jackson Laidlaw, Liam McMullen, and Tobias Vergens for The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race (USA)

Best Original Screenplay


Best Adapted Screenplay


Best Production Design

Captain Fantastic and the Magic Piano (USA)

Escorted (Norway)

Rupali Ingle for A Yemeni (USA)

Best Cinematography

Anatoly Ivanov for Human 2.0 (USA)

Dave Yakir for The Guitar Thief (USA)

Ferguson Sauvé-Rogan for Avocado (USA)

Powell Robinson for Safer This Way (USA)

Zane for Salvation (Canada)

Best Editing

Adelina Beisenalina for Human 2.0 (USA)

Dave Yakir for The Guitar Thief (USA)

Patrick H. Kohl for Beirut ’22 (Lebanon)

Shane Crosland and Daniel Witchey for Luen – Strange Purpose (Australia)

Uncanny Valley: Belly (USA)

Best Visual FX


Best Sound Design


Best Sound Editing


Best Sound Mixing

Amina Rawas for Beirut ’22 (Lebanon)

Andrew Scott Bell for Hardly What You Want to Hear (USA)

Cosmic Virtuoso (USA)

Peace-Melody Under Brushes Peace 7: How to Prevent and Heal? (USA)

The Guitar Thief (USA)

Best Original Score

David Maine for This Side of Hell (USA)

Falk Wünsch for This Little Girl (UK)

Human Zoo and Joshua Ansley for All In (USA)

John Baxter for The Cloaked Realm – The Knight and the Queen (USA)

Luc Herrmann for The Better to Eat You With (USA)

Best Set Design


Best Costume Design


Best Special Makeup


Best Original Song

A Stranger’s Story by Batiste Brothers Band, for A Stranger’s Story (USA)

Complete Me by Kylie Sonique Love (USA)

Nowhere by Olivia Fildes, for This Idea of Love (Australia)

Teleportation by Matthieu Eymard, Joi Barua, and Susan Mey Lee Lim (Singapore)

Timeless, in the Metaverse by Ron Josef Danziger and Christina Teenz Tan (Australia)


Genre Categories: Nominations of November 2022

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