Semi-finalists of November 2022

A Small Act of Courage by Dylan Brody (USA)

Do Dreams Come True? by Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

Ed: A Love Story by Abraham Lopez (USA)

Extinction by Diana Marie Russell (USA)

Forced Friendships by Jean-Diar Kalantar (Canada)

Full Ride by Daniel Heechan Lim (USA)

Hot and Beautiful International 3D Model Nancy by Gurmeet Singh Dang (India)

Ku Klux Karen by John Kestner (USA)

Love 4 Britland by Jaritza Lopez (USA)

Mrs. Halloway by Connor Morley (USA)

Nightmare by Seth Jarrett (USA)

PTSD by Adam Babu (USA)

Rent a Grandpa by Ed Vela (USA)

Sand Witch by Wendy Lorelei Spencer (Australia)

Shiva by Rex Dane (USA)

SpiderSteve by Evan Chacon (USA)

Sufi by Faranak Sahafian (USA)

The Book of Half-Opened Lotuses by François Juszezak and Annie Korach (France)

The Fortune Cookie by Norma Marcus (USA)

The Real Housewives of the Bible by Theresa V. Wilson (USA)

Vendetta On Her Birthday by Aristote John Boyo and Lee Admassie (UK)

Who Wants to Live Forever by Jack Crowley Pochop (USA)

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