Semi-finalists of September 2022

#LWL Laugh with Lillian by Linda Palmer (USA)

Annabel Lee by John Ebrahimian (USA)

Flywood – Their Hustle by Alexandr Rygzenov (USA)

Iron Nest of the Moon: Keep the Dream Dead – Episode 5 by Rachel Kanouse (USA)

La Santa Muerte by Oscar A Ortiz (USA)

Marlow by Alvaro de la Cruz (USA)

Mise En Place by Nikolas Elrifi (USA)

Ms. Therapist by Carlos F. Godinez (USA)

Nena’s House of Blues by Tiffany Brown (USA)

Outside the Wall by David Murillo Galiano (USA)

Seeker by Victor Caballero (USA)

Sights Unseen by Jesse Terrell (USA)

Sinigang by Sean Totanes (USA)

The Mast of Amontillado by Jonathan Daniel Gill (USA)

The Patient by Em Wood (USA)

Trust by Erik D Beacham (USA)

Unknown by Riel Valu Gerard Barretto-Duval (Canada)

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