Ek Jhalak: A Glimpse

Ek Jhalak: A Glimpse
Ek Jhalak: A Glimpse

A lonely man in his mid-thirties, suddenly discovers that he is fascinated towards his new neighbour, whom he has never met. His eagerness to know her, brings him to her doorsteps one day, only to discover, that his new neighbour, is someone he never expected & who is not only a proud mother but a devoted daughter too, working hard to find respect, in a world full of imparities.

This film is about Naman, a well-established 36-year-old man, whose life completely revolves around his two kids and an old mother. Despite earning a decent living and having access to all the comforts which one can only dream of, there is a part of him, which longs for something else. A man, who seems happy and contented outside, somewhere deep down, is a lonely soul. There is nothing extraordinary or exciting about his life. He wakes up at 6 in the morning, prepares breakfast for his kids, drops them at the school, brings them back and helps his mother with the household chores.
But who knew of that spark, which was on its way to ignite his drab and boring world? It was his new neighbour, whom he hadn’t encountered yet. In spite of being unable to see her face, he feels an unwelcomed rush of excitement, since the day he saw her yellow dupatta swaying in the air, the joyous sound of her bangles jingling with one another and her long hair covering her face with the gush of wind.
With the passage of time, his inquisitiveness to know about his new neighbour, surpasses all boundaries. His joy knows no bounds when one day, his daughter tells him about Rasika, his new neighbour, who is also an independent working, single parent, like him. Rasika, like Naman, also keeps her personal and professional life in sync, taking care of her aged father and looking after her daughter, who is Naman’s daughter’s new classmate. This similarity in their lifestyle intrigues Naman so much that he feels an unknown pull towards her, causing an incessant yearning to know her, to meet her, to talk to her. Slowly and gradually, through the stories which he hears about Rasika, from his daughter, he develops a feeling of respect towards her and eventually, falls in love with her.
Various instances prevent them from coming face to face, but Naman, driven with an irresistible zeal, does not give up. With a sight, full of hope, he peeps through the window every now and then, just to catch a glimpse of her. And finally, the opportunity knocks on the door of cupid-struck Naman, when his daughter is invited to Rasika’s daughter’s birthday party. Naman, on cloud nine, requests his daughter to let him come to the party. Though reluctantly, she gives in to the condition that he can come inside to pick her up once the party ends.
The course of their long-awaited meet reaches its peak, when the party ends and Naman gets a call from his daughter, asking him to come. Donning his best attire and spraying his favourite perfume, he arrives at their doorstep and rings the bell. The door opens and a proud smile lits up his eager face seeing… Rasika, who is an ambitious and independent transgender. The inequalities of the world do not bother her and her self-confidence radiates in every approach. The film ends at this note, showcasing that attraction is soulful and beyond gender.

Directed by Deepmala (India)

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