Semi-finalists of March 2021

11,9 d’glids by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

A Nice Chat With Grandma by John Schugard (USA)

Alone by SDM (USA)

Bite the Bullet by Ursula Canovas and Fernando Guillen (USA)

Crossroads by Israela Margalit (USA)

Dancing on Eggshells by Jenna Palladino (USA)

Elysian Fields by Junxian Ouyang (USA)

George Floyd: Say Their Names by Christopher R. Owens and Alyssa Dann (USA)

Gotta Get Some Tissue! by Tyrone Evans Clark (USA)

Happy New Reality by Cielo Yañez (USA)

Help by Magnolia Ellenburg (USA)

Hungry Eyes by Jason John Cicalese (USA)

Muse by Chris Rouse (USA)

Quarantine Dream by Bradley Young (USA)

She’s Perfect by Sheldon Maddux (USA)

Smile by Makoto Sorashita (Japan)

Sonic Conspiracies by Matthew Dickinson (USA)

Special Agent Thunder: The Fall by Kinnawa Kaitibi (USA)

The Story of Dirk and Chip by Eric Cade Schoenborn (USA)

Turbulence by Nath Milburn (USA)

Visio by Antonio Lugo (Puerto Rico)

Wrangle by Alex Culberson (USA)

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