Semi-finalists of June 2021

54 Years Late by Michele Wright (USA)

A Firm Decision by Tristan Hamburgh (Canada)

Agnès Varda by Mohammad Mohammadian (Iran)

David by Matthew Forbes (Canada)

Doll by Pablo Pintor (Argentina)

Don’t Be the Lakers by Josh Carone (USA)

Faces Of Dead Women by Joshua Nelson (USA)

Fongulo: E4 by Joe Ferry (USA)

Jack in the Deep by Skinny Andy (Japan)

Nadia Mejia’s – AI Driven Interactive Food Film by A.J. Kamdar (USA)

The Fumble by Ryan Pater (USA)

The Grazing With Three Cows by Mohamadreza Mohajer (Iran)

The War after the War by Stone J Mason (USA)

This Case & My Life by Ana A P Braunstein (USA)

Uno Out by Brandon Lee W (USA)

What Do You Want 2 Eat by Tina B (USA)

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