Semi-finalists of April/May 2022

A Made Man by Yixuan Li (USA)

A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me? by Ana A Prickett Braunstein (USA)

Bait by Marishka S. Phillips (USA)

Encounter by Schirete Zick and Luke Warrington (USA)

Hedgehog Club by Alireza Khajehali (Iran)

LadyBug by Orlando Davis and Tim Hanaseth (USA)

Looking for Frank by Bron Theron (USA)

Mountain Sweeping by Zongbin Huang (China)

Philip by Brandon Burket (USA)

Pop by Aamina Treymeine (USA)

Remember Me by Aaron Griffin (USA)

Rockabye by Asher McMurren (USA)

The Polar Bear by David Charles Bird (USA)

The Way to Survival by Mark Davern (USA)

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