Tall Man Short Man

Tall Man Short Man

While looking for a cure for a deadly toxin, two scientists are taken captive by a cult run by Elemental forces.

Logline: Two survivors of an ecological apocalypse must face four elemental beings in the flesh, who will determine their fate.

It’s been almost seventy-five years since the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” In this short, humanity has a different wake-up call, not one with aliens, but with the four elements themselves as elemental beings. One contest reader said it could easily be called, A Couple of Years After The Earth Stood Still.

Tall Man and Short Man are two survivors (scientists) of an ecological disaster caused by chemical gravity bombs that the Russians dropped before an invasion, which wiped out the population and animal life and forced the remaining survivors underground.
The only thing that seems to be thriving in the environment are the trees, and our two scientists have come out from their underground shelter to take resin samples from the trees to see if a cure or antidote can be synthesized to save the infected. There wasn’t supposed to be anybody left alive topside, but our hero scientists find out the hard way that “alive” is a relative term when they are taken captive and brought to the ones who control their fate.

Tall Man, Short Man has an Outer Limits/Twilight Zone vibe with a mixture of horror. The short is shot on the street in a residential neighborhood before moving into one house.

Written by Larry E Coleman (USA)

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