Inspired by the new extraterrestrial frequencies of V838 Monocerotis (a binary star system) that open the track (written by Tiggi Hawke & Oliver JT Dipre as the introduction to her upcoming album ‘Ascension’), the concept revolves around a solar storm which is occurring above Earth.

In the video, we see glowing orbs of red light which begin to appear across the landscape that connect Earth with the red sun and the Goddess (linked to Tiggi’s previous music video for ‘Giants’). From the start, we can see she is an otherworldly being as she explores the limitations of Earth but as the storm takes hold, she seems to grow in power as she connects with it, and we see the storm’s effects on Earth: red lightening, fires and ground tremors, before she returns through one of the orb-like portals to the solar storm.

Directed by Oliver Kane (UK)

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