Digital Affairs

This unique web series was filmed remotely in the midst of the pandemic & lockdown in Los Angeles. Thanks to our fantastic crew and cast we were able to continue the shooting.

Synopsis –
During a pandemic, while everyone has to be under a lockdown, the only way they can communicate with each other is through video calls. We get to watch our characters trying to function in this craziness.

On one hand, Lucy, a psychologist who’s expecting her first child, while trying to help her patients: Matt and Julie are in the middle of a separation, Ronen is having a long-distance relationship and Sophie is dealing with some life-changing news. On the other hand, we have a psychic, Diamond, that gives her clients some hope during this chaos: Charlotte is trying to teach online preschool kids for the first time, David is dating for the first time, James is trying to find a girlfriend, and George who doesn’t know how to deal with this whole stay home order.

How are they going to survive this pandemic? What will happen to their relationships?

Directed by Elor De Mayo (USA)

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