World premiere of “That’s Just Me”, with British singer Pixie Lott, at IndieX Annual Awards in September

Award-winning 20-minute women drama “That’s Just Me” directed by Dan Löwenstein (UK) has its world premiere in the IndieX 2021 Annual Awards this September at Raleigh Studios Hollywood.

Starring British singer Pixie Lott and Marie McGonigle, “That’s Just Me” revolves around the long term relationship between two women who find out that, under the surface, there are deep and troubling problems bubbling. A brief but intense look at the contradictions of love.

Dan Löwenstein

“I came up with the idea of this film as a way of telling a very real natural story that plays out almost in real time, time hopping between the night before and the present moment. I didn’t want an over complicated narrative, it had to feel relatable and ‘normal’ to the viewer”, explains director Dan Löwenstein.

“That’s Just Me” was recipient of the Award of Excellence (Special Jury Mention) in the season of December 2021.

Set to premiere in block 12, starting at 2.25pm, on September 11th, as one of the 3 nominees for Best LGBTQ Short of the Year.

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