Block 12. Women (Sep 11th, 2.25pm-4.05pm)

The Party

An artist throws a party to exhibit what’s been keeping them occupied through a global pandemic. The work is well received and the guests happy, but not everything is at it seems.

Directed by Donny Grahamer (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

Maron Doll

A woman afflicted with Alzheimer’s lives in isolation, until a familiar visitor arrives unexpectedly. The two then delve into wounds from the past.

Directed by Soo Chyun and Yoo Seok Jong (USA)


Tinna, herself a recovering long time drug user, has her heroin addicted son living with her in her rehabilitative “half-way home”. As Tinna gets a job, she decides its time for her son to move out.

Directed by Asger Krøjer Kallesøe (Denmark)

Los Angeles premiere

A Tree Fell Today

Elise revisits the traumatic memories of her lover Jessica committing suicide due to the catastrophic death of their child, struggling to escape the eternal circle of anguish and misery she tries to move forward, but is she just stuck in an endless loop?

Directed by Oliver Crawford (UK)

USA premiere

That’s Just Me

From the outside Martha and Esther are in a beautiful long term relationship living their best lives, but under the surface there are deep and troubling problems bubbling. Martha soon realises the grass isn’t always greener, her lies and deceit have caught up with her.

Directed by Dan Löwenstein (UK)

World premiere