Soon Guan

In Singapore, old grocery stores are memories for many Singaporeans. This film tells the story of the closure of a local grocery store (Lee Kim Hock) with a history of more than 60 years (60 years ago, the name of the store was Soon Guan) under the pandemic. The owner, Uncle Li, ran the grocery store with his wife and lived a simple but fulfilling life for the past 40 years. The Covid-10 pandemic broke all of this. In October 2021, the whole family was infected by Covid-19, and Mrs. Li passed away after 10 days. The documentary started to follow up one month after Mrs. Li’s death, till the store was closed in January 2022. It records that Lee Kim Hock, the grocery store, has been slowly clearing out the goods with the help of nearby residents. Behind every death toll from Covid-19 is a sad story. This is a grocery store that has been running for more than half a century, and it is also the life of Uncle Li and his wife. After the grocery store closed, Uncle Li moved on his life with memories of his wife.

Directed by Ada Zhang (Singapore)

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