World premiere of “Hong Kong 1946” at IndieX Annual Awards in September

Award-winning 25-minute historical drama “Hong Kong 1946” has its world premiere in the IndieX 2021 Annual Awards next September at Raleigh Studios Hollywood.

Set in February 1946, when the war is over and the British are back in Hong Kong after the Japanese surrender, the film revolves around George Wong, who has been arrested and is now under interrogation. He claims he was only a driver for the Kempeitai, but many witnesses told a different story. Through a series of flashbacks we find out about Wong’s past life and the choices he made to survive during the wartime occupation.

Directed by Alex Ngan, the mandatory “Hong Kong 1946” was awarded Best Foreign-Language Short in the season of February 2021.

Set to premiere in block 5, starting at 5.10pm, on September 10th.

IndieX Film Fest 2019-2022 © All Rights Reserved

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