The unique connection between a Houndsman and the world around them is a story typically left untold. The Houndsman’s relationship with their dogs is represented by overwhelming feelings of joy, pride, and as many dog owners understand, an unfathomably deep bond between canine and owner that words simply cannot describe effectively. Unlike most other activities, utility and working dogs are almost always questioned when mixed in, or associated with, hunting. Often vilified, the act of hunting with dogs is regularly ramped up to heightened states of hysteria when the animal being pursued is a predator such as a Mountain Lion. The raw reality is this narrative exists only because of a lack of understanding around the activity itself, the dogs, and the relationship the Houndsmen and women have with both the dogs and the environment and animals around them. Lionheart is the story seen through the eyes of the people that hunt lions with dogs. The film uncovers their views, their hearts, their why, their bond, and the relationship they have with their hounds. For the first time ever, the human side of the Houndsmen is revealed through the lens of this film to answer those who question, and try to help create a bridge to understanding.

Directed by Robert Kroger (USA)

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