Block 5. Wars & Dramas (Sep 10th, 5.10pm-6.50pm)

American Immigrant

An Arab immigrant navigates through the nightmares of the American dream.

Directed by Shady A Mawajdeh (USA)

North America premiere

Pap’s Manifesto

A grief-stricken Gold Star father’s commitment to avenge his son’s death takes a series of shocking turns when he schemes to truck bomb a mosque.

Directed by Chris Danuser and Casey Clark (USA)

Hong Kong 1946

February 1946. The war is over and the British are back in Hong Kong after the Japanese surrender. George Wong has been arrested and is now under interrogation. He claims he was only a driver for the Kempeitai, but many witnesses told a different story.

Directed by Alex Ngan (Hong Kong)

World premiere

Glass Darkly

In 1941, Holland, two Dutch sisters must deal with the turmoil of their Nazi-occupied town. Based on a true story.

Directed by Dave Penner (USA)