Alter Ego

The film opens on a pair of hands opening a wooden box, slowly revealing the doll inside. Then the hand comes from above and blocks everything.
The bedroom is quiet and dark except for the faint glow of an aquarium. Hazel sits motionless by the bed. Just then, Ivy walks in and turns on the light. She ignores Hazel’s presence, throwing things down while lying down on the bed. Suddenly, the light behind Ivy begins to flicker. Ivy walks to the aquarium to check the batteries of the light. The battery falls on the floor and rolls into the bottom of the bed, leading Ivy to find an old and ragged doll with many scratches.
The next day, Ivy and Hazel come to a store to repair the broken doll. The weird lady owner takes the doll and tells Ivy to wait here.
After a while, Ivy looks at the time, and she walks to a room, looking for the owner. The furnishings in the room are simple, even a little shabby, with only a tall cupboard and a couch. As she passes the couch, she notices the broken doll sitting on it. Then horrible things happen one after another. In the successive shock, Ivy is half scared to death. She hides behind the couch, but Hazel suddenly appears sitting on the couch instead of the doll. Hazel then stands up with a pair of scissors, coming after Ivy. Hazel kills Ivy. This is her revenge.

Directed by Jiaxun Xie (China)

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