A Piece of Us

A Piece of Us

This film is about a man, a photographer, who is running from the turmoil of losing his son. Whilst on his attempt to escape reality, he finds an aboriginal elder out bush who helps him find a way to tell his story. He then teaches his ex wife – whom is still dealing with the trauma of losing her son – he does this by telling her a story that had a real impact on him.
The story he shares is about how he met an aboriginal women who also lost her son and carries around a book she wrote called a piece of me; the book talks about how she lost her son because of drug addiction.
This book has a similar story to Michael and his wife, thus, he believes that this story needs to be told.
Looped with flash backs of the past and present we delve into a magical dream like sense of story telling.

Directed by Justin Rhys Grant (Australia)

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