Fiction About Country C

Fiction About Country C
Fiction About Country C

关于中国的小说 is one of the three stories belong to Documentary “Fiction About Country C”.
This is a family documentary about my mom. The main subjects I’d like to discuss with my audience are female consciousness and power of time. Spontaneously, to communicate the positions of being a daughter and mother and how we connected to each other.

My mom wanted a baby with my stepfather since their marriage in 2017. I remembered the day my mom asked for my “agreement” on her next baby she wanted to have. We both cried a little bit. She had been divorced for more than 15 years before their marriage, and I was very looking forward to having another sister or brother. However, things became tricky when they can’t get pregnant naturally for a long time. Everyone in our family was against my mom to have a baby through medical treatments for different reasons. I was the only person to support my mom.

As a woman, who does your body belong to? It may sound wired in the Western World as the female consciousness raised for years since the 1940s, the first movement of Feminism. But in China, the 1940s we just built up our countries and later released a One-Child Policy. At that time, women’s bodies apparently didn’t belong to themselves, they belong to the Patriarchy under traditional culture and Power System.

Living in the 20th century, I sensed the change in my mom’s body. With time goes by, she was able and ready to tell the world: I want to have a child. She is a fighter in my eyes. She loves life so much that she loves to be a mom again despite all the voices.

Except for my mom, I have three major characters in this film.
My Stepfather, who is a Christian, he believes in God and didn’t want a baby to be brought to the world by Doctors and Technology.
My Grandmother, she belongs to the Time of Mao, at Tiananmen Square, she missed Mao a lot but she finally understood the time had changed, she couldn’t tell my mom what to do.
My Cousin, she was telling me her favorite story of how a rabbit was saved by a hunter. It was exactly the story I was listening to 20 years ago. I want to use the little rabbit story to question who made us a position to be a little rabbit. The answer doesn’t have to be a man, it can be your daughter, your mother or the next person you are ready to sacrifice to.

Directed by Xueqing Yin (USA)


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