Technical Categories: Nominations of October 2022

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Genre Categories: Nominations of October 2022

Best Producer

Brandon Keeton, Evan Gardner, and Conor Hibbler for Tito (USA)

Julia Moran for Vagabond (USA)

Robert Deon and Richard Yung for No Promises (USA)

Best Director (Female)


Best Director (Male)

A.J. Hartman for Meet Carly W. (USA)

Abdul Stone Jackson for Night Visit (USA)

Jataun Gilbert for No Promises (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)

Miki Murad for Cherry (USA)

Natmar Mondragon for Fascination (USA)

Shaily Sanghvi for Pirouette (USA)

Best Student Director (Male)

Christopher John Desiderio for The Sister’s Seance (USA)

Matthew Keisoglu for His Trembling Hands: An Immigrant Ghost Story (Australia)

Pierre Fittante for Above Us (France)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Caylee Sacks for 4ur Protection (USA)

Lauren McLaughlin for The Long Game (UK)

Nora Stock for Ecstasy Behind the Forgotten (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Anthony Notarile and Andy Tworischuk for Tito (USA)

Mohamed Sadik for Radio Moon (Egypt)

Sidh Bhoj for 10/10 (India)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male)


Best Actress

Amanda Perez for Meet Carly W. (USA)

Chelsea J. Smith for Night Visit (USA)

Saara Shamlou for No Promises (USA)

Best Actor

Alexei Bondar for Tito (USA)

Isaac Liu for Vagabond (USA)

Niko Papastepfanou for No Promises (USA)

Best Supporting Actress


Best Supporting Actor

Christopher W. Holmes for Butterfield (USA)

Dan de Groh for Pickman’s Model (USA)

Tarun Singhal for 10/10 (India)

Best Acting Duo

Amanda Perez and Meredith Jackson for Meet Carly W. (USA)

Emily Battles and K Cody Hunt for Spice Things Up (USA)

Lindsley Howard and Mariah Naomi Sanchez for eXcape (USA)

Niko Papastepfanou and Saara Shamlou for No Promises (USA)

Tyler Clinton and Gage Martin for Red Hook (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Amir Abdullah, Victoria Dunn, Lee Shorten, and Briana Wilson for Happy You Near (USA)

Eduardo Venosa, Bruno Rods, Helena Cury, Victor Canella, and Rosana Pavinski for Go Fool Yourself (Se Engana que Eu Gosto) (Brazil)

Naima Idrissi, Essence Brevard-Alouidor, and Zariyah Ford for Clean Sheet (USA)

Niko Papastepfanou, Saara Shamlou, Cristian Acevedo, Maksim Al-Names, Troy Carter, Fiona Dorn, Megan Goldman, Marissa McBride, Anton Nassif, Ruby Day Tomasic, and Richard Yung for No Promises (USA)

Quentin Williams, Brittaney Traylor, Shani Hawes, Roberto Cruz, Julian Robinson, and Alonge Hawes for Silver & Gold (USA)

Best Production Design

Flipping (USA)

MrJ for The Night Butcher (USA)

Tara Kay for No Promises (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Andy Tworischuk and Anthony Notarile for Tito (USA)

Marco Felipe Rossi for Go Fool Yourself (Se Engana que Eu Gosto) (Brazil)

Max Millstein for Red Hook (USA)

Mohamed Sadik and Katie Wallach for Radio Moon (Egypt)

Tristan Hamburgh for The Second Hand (Canada)

Best Adapted Screenplay


Best Cinematography

Chancey June for Where the Seams have Frayed (USA)

Nickolaus Trigueiro for No Promises (USA)

Piotr Niemczewski for The Sister’s Seance (USA)

Sawyer Gaunt for Tito (USA)

Scott Pope for His Trembling Hands: An Immigrant Ghost Story (Australia)

Best Editing


Best Special FX


Best Sound Design


Best Sound Editing


Best Sound Mixing


Best Makeup and Hairstyling


Best Special Makeup


Best Set Design


Best Original Score

Brian Wherry for Dream War (USA)

Jon-Joseph Nepaul for De Nada (USA)

Kid Elvis for Tito (USA)

Michael Garrett for His Trembling Hands: An Immigrant Ghost Story (Australia)

Tatiana Sporzoff for Ashes (Spain)


Genre Categories: Nominations of October 2022

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