Semi-finalists of October 2021

A Poet’s Childhood – Awakening to Consciousness: Elizabeth Martina Bishop by Vibhas P A Kendzia and Elizabeth Martina Bishop (USA)

A Second Chance by Arden Pala (USA)

Apna Time Aayega by Richa Garg (USA)

Close Up by Benett Holgerson (USA)

Daddy’s Approval by Khadejah Miller (USA)

Gus Alva – Paradigm+++Mas by Vic Huber (USA)

House Arrest by Neil Crittenden (UK)

I Am Here Only by Nicholas Grozier (USA)

I Drive Better When I’m… by Madison Haymes (USA)

In Absence by Silas Tibbs (USA)

Kibbutz by Oscar Pavlove (USA)

La Cita (The Appointment) by Alex Kannan (USA)

Lola by Louisa Lianne Rosemary Letitia Coller, Sarah Jane Knight, and Elliot Killick-Ward (UK)

Moth by Joe Ferry (USA)

Notes from the LA Nightlife, 1998-2008 by Sky Palkowitz (USA)

Oh, God? by Terri Apple (USA)

Podroz: With Faith By Her Side by Matthaus Schumacher (Australia)

Short Route by Kambiz Taheri (Iran)

Slice of 2020 by Jamie John Macdonald (USA)

Song For Silas by Sie Khalil (USA)

The Blood Machine by John McCloskey (USA)

The Locket by Francesco Nuzzi (USA)

The Whole In Parts by Donna Cameron (USA)

This Case & My Life by Ana A P Braunstein (USA)

Titanic’s Sister: A Dark Secret? by Luke Milner (UK)

Weekend At Myrna’s by Terri Apple (USA)

When It’s Your Turn by Brandon Smallwood and Stephanie Alecia Rose (USA)

Wired by Edward Tarrell Galloway (USA)

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