Semi-finalists of July 2021

12 Hours by Rich Woods (USA)

2001 by Jagger Waters (USA)

Airbnboom by Chozy Aiyub (USA)

Amos by Trey Rogan (USA)

Betty Coxworth: Untucked by Cecilia Seaward (USA)

Boys Don’t Cry by Gabriela Poole (USA)

Cage in a Bird by Stefan Allen Buhr (USA)

Captivity by Mehrnoush Rahmanian (Iran)

Coronavirus Ad – Stay Home by I-Jien Jane Kou (USA)

Dud by Tedjo Imardjoko (USA)

Elisa and Middle-Earth 2 – Role Play by Julia Dubreuil (France)

Family Frenzy by Cody Dalton (USA)

Paint On Paint # 5 by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

Rocko Get Em by Jarrell Snowden (USA)

Rude Buay by John Alan Andrews (USA)

Say Something by Chelsea M Matthews (USA)

Screaming In Silence by Robert Lee Glenn (USA)

Shhh by Chris M Rodriguez (USA)

The Bang, A Tragedy by Rebecca Bueno (Germany)

The Bicycle by Katherine Giroux (USA)

The Human Component by Rishab Mitra (USA)

The Pathos of Hamlet by Sean Gregory Tansey (Greece)

The Pizza Paradox by John McCloskey (USA)

Tony Motors by Guy van Volen (USA)

Viewpoint by Mohsen Mohammadi (Iran)

YouBuddy by Whitney St Ours (USA)

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