Semi-finalists of August 2021

1,000 Steps by Tiffany Melia (USA)

A Catch by John Harris (USA)

A Strong Black Woman My Azz! by Delisa Maria Seng (USA)

Agent Smith by Christian Barillas (USA)

Captive by Jessica Ridenour (USA)

Dime Jar by Randy Bernales (USA)

Diversity and Desolation by Michael Kureth (USA)

Elected Girl by A Adams (USA)

Epilogue by Michael Bitanga (USA)

Holy Poker by Glenn Miller (USA)

Jesus of the Beginning by Ryuho Okawa (Japan)

LA Locals – Marley by Kelly Sarri (USA)

Lullaby by Kae Fujisawa (USA)

Mama’s Boy by Daniel James Dismuke (USA)

Message by Francisco Gacuya (USA)

Music and Mental Health (Episodes 1-9) by Tina Rix (USA)

My Deconversion From A Cult by Harry E. Decker (USA)

Out of This World 2: Ricky Lyme and Sabrina Go to Space by Jordan Tofalo (USA)

Panguru’s Theme by Ryuho Okawa (Japan)

Skulled by Maggi (Iceland)

Still Light by Aparna Sharma (India)

There’s No Place for a Uke on Halloween by Elizabeth Usher (Australia)

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