Technical Categories: Nominations of August 2021

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Genre Categories: Nominations of August 2021

Best Producer

Damien Jaillette for About Us (France)

Jeffrey Smith Quizon for Wellspring (Philippines)

Viktorija Razevska Hill for Glass Darkly (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Dave Penner for Glass Darkly (USA)

Franck Giordanengo for Susan in Red (France)

Ian Lettire for Too Damn Long (USA)

Kiang Kho (KAy) for The After (Australia)

Richard Zelniker for Unspoken (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)

Angela Healin Kweon for No.1 (USA)

Anna Maité Kaplan for Sea Beyond the Glitz (USA)

Chrissy Molloy for Dawn (USA)

Best Student Director (Male)

Andrew Bramble for Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening (South Korea)

Andrew Klein for Amber (USA)

D.J. Holman for Xo Stella (USA)

Mitchell Treharne for The Rite of Writing (Australia)

RJ Zabasky for 30 Minutes Till (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Ashley Hammelman for The Monster Inside (USA)

Danfeng Cai for Night After Night (China)

Paradox Delilah for Dentists (Canada)

Rebecca Towns for Waiting (Australia)

Sofia Lynch for Leaving Michiana (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Apiwat Pattalarungkan for Ashes (Thailand)

Damien Jaillette for About Us (France)

David Camero for Rain of Freedom (USA)

Jeffrey Smith Quizon for Wellspring (Philippines)

Sadi Eliyesil for Jesters Paradise (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)


Best Actress

Paloma Nozicka for Huge (USA)

Rebecca Towns for Waiting (Australia)

Sari Mercer for Dentists (Canada)

Best Actor

Cosimo Tucci for Audition (Canada)

Ignacyo Matynia for Jesters Paradise (USA)

Zachary Krueger for The Printer (USA)

Best Supporting Actor

Andy Caryofyllis for Waiting (Australia)

Danny Farber for Huge (USA)

Ego Mikitas for Jesters Paradise (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress


Best Child/Young Actor


Best Acting Duo

Josh Martinez and Sarah Neely for Trying To Dance (USA)

Liz Guterbock and Gigi Burgdorf for The Plan (UK)

Rebecca Towns and Paul Hughes for Waiting (Australia)

Best Ensemble Cast

Alexander Klebanoff, Deon Williams, Sandy Molling, and Greg Mangieri for The Decipio (USA)

Alvin Anson, Archie Alemania Alemania, Ronnie Smith Quizon, Christian Vasquez, Leon Miguel, Bombi Plata, Allesandro Torres Quizon, Rez Cortez, Vance Larena, Miguel Valdes, Gabriel Omar, Lili Montelibano, and Malaya Pasion for Wellspring (Philippines)

Dylan Raffin, Anna Ivantchik, Antoine Le Bellec, Julien De Saint Jean, Annette Rouvière, and Simon Rérolle for About Us (France)

Heavenly Reyna, Tori Griffith, and Benjamin Schnau for Glass Darkly (USA)

Michael Beach, Jamie McShane, and Jeante Godlock for Unspoken (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Angela Healin Kweon for No.1 (USA)

Lori Mae Hernandez for Six Strings (USA)

Rebecca Towns for Waiting (Australia)

Sofia Lynch for Leaving Michiana (USA)

Stephen Alkus for Unspoken (USA)

Best Adapted Screenplay


Best Production Design

Chloe Howcroft for The Monster Inside (USA)

Mark Sabas for Wellspring (Philippines)

Mengyu Xiu for Jesters Paradise (USA)

Best Cinematography

Andrea Bizzoni for Spring (Italy)

Anselm Havu for Jesters Paradise (USA)

Benjamin Gaskell for Glass Darkly (USA)

Matthew Hazell for Too Damn Long (USA)

Muhammed Ibrahim for The Babylon Gardens (Egypt)

Best Editing

Angela Healin Kweon for No.1 (USA)

Francois Barbier, Franck Giordanengo, and David Le Bozec for Susan in Red (France)

Gelker in the Treehouse (USA)

Jolevs Domingo for Wellspring (Philippines)

Roberto Jimenez for Rain of Freedom (USA)

Best Visual FX


Best Sound Design

Andrew Millalos for Wellspring (Philippines)

Bogdan Brakovic, Vladimir Backovic, and Odiseja Studio for The Babylon Gardens (Egypt)

Dave Penner for Glass Darkly (USA)

Kipp Jarden for Ixestum (USA)

Yiwen Ma for Jesters Paradise (USA)

Best Sound Mixing

Lin Bin for Jesters Paradise (USA)

Seth Brand for Broken (USA)

Ziad Ezzat for The Babylon Gardens (Egypt)

Best Original Score

Amit May Cohen for The Valtozas (USA)

Ira Cruz for Wellspring (Philippines)

Iz Svemira for The Babylon Gardens (Egypt)

Lorenzo Sidoti for Spring (Italy)

Pietro Milanesi for Glass Darkly (USA)

Best Costume Design


Best Special Makeup


Best Set Design

Curtain Call (USA)

Geo Gahret for Six Strings (USA)

Jesters Paradise (USA)

Best Original Song

Marijuana by Siddhartha Mukherjee, Joel Joe, Kunal Kundu, and Rupojjwal Majumder, for White Supremacy (India)

New World Order by Joi Barua (Singapore)

Reincarnation by Bonzie (USA)

Too Damn Long by David Lettire, for Too Damn Long (USA)

Wonderland by C Z A R I N A (Spain)


Genre Categories: Nominations of August 2021

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