Genre Categories: Nominations of January 2021

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of January competing in 66 different categories. These projects were shortlisted from a 39,7% acceptance rate official selection pool, based on submissions from 19 countries with a total runtime of 28:35:31.

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Technical Categories: Nominations of January 2021


Best Horror Short

Beyond the Skin by Hugo Dao (France)

Camping Fun by Thomas Burke (USA)

The Guard Station by Matt Zappala (Australia)

The Tell Tale Heart by McClain Lindquist (USA)

What If by Tammy Klembith (USA)

Best Gore Short


Best Sci-Fi Short


Best Comedy Short

Crickets by P.K. Simone (USA)

Panic in Valley City by Antonio Harper and Abby Burton (USA)

Supply & Demand by Glenn A McBride Jr (USA)

Tempted by Stanton Stephens (USA)

The Date by James Taylor MacArthur (UK)

Best Dark Comedy Short

A Reasonable Dance by Shuang He (Australia)

Breaking Up and Entering by Blake Gordon (USA)

Crickets by P.K. Simone (USA)

Best Thriller Short


Best Mystery Short


Best Crime Short

K-Hole by Eamon Colbert (USA)

The Guilty Party by Cristian Medellin (USA)

Thirty Seconds by Christopher Long (USA)

Best Film Noir Short


Best Fantasy Short


Best Action Short


Best Western Short


Best Indie Short

Babal by Teodora Pampaloni (Italy)

Courage by Nourah Al Hasawi (USA)

Deadheading by Shuang He (Australia)

Getaway by Pedro Hector Canales (USA)

In Search of a White Identity by Victoria Evaristo (UK)

Latent by Roxy Moskowitz (USA)

Outside The Box by Ross Mackenzie (UK)

Rain Dogs by Dujuan Liu (China)

Best Drama Short


Best Animation Short

A Good Man Is Hard To Find by Sean Silleck (USA)

Bàba by Stephanie Wong (Canada)

Venture Anime Episode 1.1 by Shō Akiyama (Japan)

Walk the Beach by Veronica Gillotti (USA)

Yuluu by Fatima Kried (UK)

Best Children Short


Best LGBTQ Short


Best Documentary Short

Panacea by Laiqa Hitt (USA)

Rise by Hannah Byrd (USA)

The Funny Runner by Rob Steger (USA)

Toronto 2020 by Shane Roberts (Canada)

Witness by Halim Ina (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Caring For Your Carcass by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

I Don’t Feel Myself by Madeline Whitesell (USA)

I Work for the Devil by Jim Thompson (Australia)

Mirage by Marcel Thompson (USA)

Mirrors by Kylie Park (South Korea)

Best Microfilm


Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Incompleteness by David Ash (USA)

The Fuse by Sasha Santiago (USA)

Venture Anime Episode 1.1 by Shō Akiyama (Japan)

Best Web and New Media


Best Screendance Short


Best Music Video

2 Down by Sam Farage (Finland)

Diamonds – Timmy Trumpet by Shaun David Barker (Australia)

Little Bitty Man Ft. Charlie the Shih Tzu by Zach Evans (USA)

The Other Side by Alexo Wandael (USA)

Valse Naïve by Antonello Tosto (Italy)

Best Mockumentary/Docucomedy Short

Camping Fun by Thomas Burke (USA)

Now Time With David Crawford: Online Dating by Dave Christie-Miller and Arthur Studholme (UK)

Werthers Original Gangsta by Ben Goldsmith and Katie Davison (UK)

Best Trailer/Teaser


Best Short Script


Technical Categories: Nominations of January 2021


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