The film tells the story between a father and daughter suffering from Alzheimer’s. When a middle-aged daughter was suffering from the polish of life, she happened to encounter her father’s Alzheimer’s disease getting worse. When there was a conflict with her father in life, her daughter almost collapsed. Her daughter’s performance of losing control further set off the loneliness of an elderly father. However, after the conflict, when the daughter found the letters that her father had written to her in the past years and never sent out, she completely entered her father’s inner world and realized that she had been in her father’s meticulous care since she was a child. The letter seemed to open the emotional bond between father and daughter, allowing the daughter to travel through time and space and recall the scenes of being accompanied by her father. Through the detailed and profound description of a father and daughter in life, the film reflects the living state of contemporary father and daughter, and promotes the traditional virtues of filial piety and love for the elderly of the Chinese nation.

Directed by Yiwei Zhao (China)

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