Tremor Documentary 2022

How you deal with adversity defines you as a person. The subject of this documentary, John Dutton, has dealt with adversity. Not only does he have multiple sclerosis but was also diagnosed with an aggressive form of Parkinson’s disease, which manifested itself with debilitating tremors. John tried everything, every drug regimen and holistic approach there was. Nothing worked. He turned to the medical mecca of Boston for a groundbreaking form of surgery which uses soundwaves as opposed to scalpels. The audience will get to witness, in real time, non invasive brain surgery with results that are immediate. A Best Picture Oscar winner calls this documentary amazing and inspirational and considers John to be a walking miracle who will change the world. We will, together, benefit society by illuminating this form of surgery to the millions of people who have tremors.

Directed by Rob Scherer (USA)

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