A Third Country

The US-Mexican border has always been an open wound. There are times, such as this, when it bleeds uncontrollably.

Valeria is a young pre-med student. A strong willed and politically active borderlander. Disregarding her mom´s threat to take her motorcycle from her, she becomes involved in the protests against the separation of young immigrant children from their parents at the border.

Bright and audacious, she seems to have a plan in order to help. But, how deep is the crisis? How far is she involved? How much is she willing to risk? How long can a family keep pretending the crisis is only on tv?

Theres nothing left unstained by the blood emanating from this open wound. Not even family relations; and Valeria may find out that her audacity can cost everyone a lot more than her motorcycle.

Directed by Roberto Collado Anzaldúa and Augusto Contreras (USA)

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