A young Boyfriend/Girlfriend live together sharing amazing chemistry, enjoying the perks of being young and enjoying life without bills, or any other “Real Life” worries. This lifestyle must unfortunatley come to a stop, as the boyfriend must move on from being young and pursue his life goals that require him to move far away, causing their relationship to be no more. Years go by, the young man has struggled to make his life a reality and apears to do well. Suddenly, she (his former girlfriend) appears in his life again, something he had completly given up on. Thrilled to be reunited, their happiness almost immediatly comes to an abrupt stop when they both realize that there is a reason their lives crossed paths after all these years, tragic and unfortunate reasons that shine light on why many years went by without either person being able to come in contact with each other. Is there any hope for happiness in this situation? Or will their lives remain abruptly stopped…

Directed by Erwin Quintero (USA)

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