Texas-based Molly Vernon awarded Best Female Director of the Year

Texas-based filmmaker Molly Vernon, awarded last January in Hollywood Best Female Director of the Year for the amazing short film “Lillian“, is able now to celebrate her achievements after receiving her fully deserved trophies. “Lillian” was also awarded Best Western Short of the Year.

Molly Vernon, the director of award-winning “Lillian”

Molly works part-time as a 1st Assistant Director and Production Manager on independent film productions. She also teaches filmmaking as an adjunct at two of the local Houston colleges after retiring from fulltime teaching after a career in theatre and film education. Molly has directed several short films which have been successful in film festivals around the world and currently stream on Amazon Video and other platforms. She is currently continuing to build her body of work as a director and is slated to direct the upcoming feature “Trashman”, and the short films “Women of a Certain Age” and “Death of a Star”.

Lillian” tells the story of a teenager who cares for her younger sibling and multi-ethnic local orphans in the face of danger, after her Grandmother is killed, surrendering to the Mexican Army toward the end of the Texas Revolution.

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