Vincent van Gogh’s Footsteps

Vincent van Gogh’s footsteps through Arles & Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
Van Gogh entered the most difficult time and space of his short 37 years, but also realized his artistic potential.

Suffering from his endless sense of guilt and helplessness, Van Gogh was admitted to the Asylum in Saint-Remy-Provence in May 1889.
However, at the end of December, Van Gogh suffered severe seizures that lasted for a week. He suddenly sucked a tube of paint, and when his seizures subsided, he drew and drew as usual.

It was here that Van Gogh completed his immortal masterpiece, The Starry Night.
It was the darkest and most painful time of his life, but it was a time that burned the soul.

Directed by Young Man Kang (South Korea)

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