The Mountain

The Mountain

As a conscientious objector, Lake Distract Rick, an internationally respected mountaineer, refuses to fight in the First World War. As a result when he is invited to join the 1924 Everest expedition, his dream, a co-member, jealous, refuses to serve with him – “a conshie” – and uses his contacts with The Times to stir feeling against him.

Rick expects to be expelled but for the sake of a avoiding further dissension in the divided team ( who for a successful Everest attempt need to be united) he voluntarily withdraws..
Many years later his granddaughter Katey, also a climber, goes to Everest and feels herself close to him. She comes to understand that his decision was not to try to be “too good”, or a martyr-hero, but to avoid arrogance and show humility in face of the mountains.

Written by Ruth Finnegan (UK)

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