At Raygar’s

At Raygar’s

“At Raygar’s” is a two-scene dramedy about love, betrayal and fraud in the restaurant business. It runs about 20 minutes.

It ends on a shattering note of self-discovery for one character: Nora.

Raymond is co-owner of the restaurant Raygar’s: a fancy place that’s making money.

He used his name as a well known restauranteur to get the thing going. He is plagued by feelings of insecurity, that he’s getting too old to compete. He once had an affair with Nora.

Nora is the central character of the play. She is the bookkeeper at Raygar’s. She likes Raymond, still loves him maybe and feels indebted to him.
But she collaborates in systematically cheating Raymond as Gar orders her. She agonizes over this and she will suffer more in the end.

Gar is the other co-owner of Raygar’s. He is 20 years younger than Raymond and regards him as a useful idiot. He is now having an affair with Nora. He forces Nora to keep to the plan of dumping Raymond once he has been thoroughly fleeced.

Scene One: Nora and Raymond, the Raygar’s dining room, after closing time.

Scene Two: Nora and Gar, same setting, the next day, a bright morning.

Written by John McCloskey (USA)

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