Ancient Lover By Banjii & Mayuri

Banjii is a musician from the mountains of Georgia, USA and Mayuri is a dancer and business strategy expert from Pune, India. They are currently on tour in the USA recording and releasing music videos that capture the essence of different parts of the country.

Ancient Lover is the second installment of this music video series which explores their origin story.

On one hand, they are the same. They are the same age, they moved to the same neighborhood at the same time and suffered similar love related setbacks in life including going through a divorce. On the other hand, growing up, the entire world literally existed in between them… one in the US, the other in India. One pursed a career in music, the other in business. Yin. Yang. Left brain. Right brain. Thinking. Feeling.

Ancient Lover is based on their true intercultural, interracial, international love story.

Banjii & Mayuri would like their story to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the artists and lovers within each of their spirits.

Directed by Banjii & Mayuri (USA)

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