Flat Blurbs

Flat Blurbs

“Flat Blurbs” is a short 3-scene dramedy, about 45 minutes long.

A young couple, ambitious and intellectually curious, attend a dinner party given for them by an older sophisticated couple. The two young people hope for advancement and a happy life, facilitated in part by the older couple. Instead, painful introspection and harsh judgments are unleashed at this dinner party.

There are four characters: Ella and Gray, the young couple; Gerald and Marian, the middle-aged couple.
We open with Ella and Gray walking together, on their way to the Gerald’s townhouse. Gerald is a bigshot in the publishing world and Gray is an aspiring writer whom Gerald has promised to help.

Ella has misgivings about the dinner and dislikes the way that Gray idolizes Gerald.

At the dinner party there are doubts and theories spoken, beliefs and arguments. The dialogue goes from the phenomenal to the personal; from external things to inner doubts.

The ending is a resigned acceptance of one’s limits.

Written by John S McCloskey (USA)

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