Dinner Time

Nyusha returns to the house of her former roommate, Zahra, to pick up her belongings, and Amirhossein, who has recently settled in that house, lets her in.
When Zahra comes home and confronts Nyusha, a new conflict occurs between these three.
Zahra hides something from her partner, Amirhossein, and Nyusha is upset by Zahra’s secrecy and attitude and threatens to reveal everything to him.
Zahra is trying to get Nyusha out of the house as soon as possible. But these unusual behaviors of Zahra make Amirhossein suspicious and curious, which leads to an argument between Amirhossein and Zahra, and
contrary to the wishes of his partner, asks Nyusha to stay for dinner, so that he can understand the truth himself.
At the dinner table and while eating, the arguments of these three rise and finally Zahra reveals the fact that Nyusha was not only her roommate but also her partner.

Directed by Hadi Yaghmaee and Matin Talebzadeh (Iran)

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