Livia, the Frescoed Lady

Livia, the Frescoed Lady

Birds are the bearers of omens in ancient Rome. When a chicken lands in Livia’s lap, she knows good things are coming her way. She marries the Emperor Augustus, lives the beautiful life hosting fabulous dinner parties, wearing elegant dresses, surrounded by great art, drinking wine, afternoons spent at the baths and all the while plotting to make her son, Tiberius, the next emperor. It is alleged that she poisoned a few people who stood between her son and the throne. That includes Augustus.
“Livia, the Frescoed Lady” is musical parody with lyrics inspired by “Lydia, the Tattooed Lady.” Utilizing an elastic sense of time, Livia charms all and we root for her to succeed. It’s politics, historical and hysterical.Director – Cynthia De Cecco, Nanette Hofer

Directed by Cynthia De Cecco and Nanette Hofer (USA)

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