Dancing Alone and Reuniting in Times of Pandemic

Dancing Alone and Reuniting in Times of Pandemic

What does a pandemic do with art? What happens when the music is muted and the light goes out? In the film Dancing Alone, we meet three street dancers who, at the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic, are in the middle of Streetstars * competitions for the world’s largest street dance competition Juste Debout. The pandemic strikes unexpectedly and the whole world shuts down. We are encouraged to keep our distance, stay at home and away from anyone other than our immediate family. This also shuts down Sweden’s urban dance scene and three street dancers – Omar Velasquez Rojas (aka Indigo), Kevin Wedin and Damon Frost – are suddenly in a new landscape where dance as we know it can not be practiced. How do you relate to the new reality as a dancer? How to dance alone?

One year after the outbreak of the pandemic, the three dancers where everything was extinguished are reunited, in the Slaughter Church in Stockholm to take back the art form they love, albeit in a new vintage.

Directed by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)

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