Attraction Man

Attraction Man

A down and out guy has a rare change of fate when a meteorite hits a magnetite rock giving him magnetic powers. He faces insurmountable odds and his own fears before he can become a true hero.

Owen Goodwin is a 35-year-old common guy who has had a lifetime full of problems. Our first look at Owen is in the shower dejectedly looking at the floor. He has just been fired from his job, and in his mind he sees a constant loop of his ex-boss uttering the words “Your fired.” He later goes to a restaurant to eat with his fiancé Harriet, 30 years old professional accountant. After a brief conversation, Harriet notices that Owen is tense and unease. Owen has no choice but to tell her the truth. Harriet rails him about his prior issues in his job and breaks up with him.

Months later, Owen walks morosely towards the fridge in his disheveled apartment. After seeing that he does not have any food left and that he only has $10.00 in his wallet, he breaks down, falls on his knees, and cries out to heaven for help. Later in the day, he goes to a remote park to get some peace of mind and meditate. He falls asleep and when he wakes up it’s already nighttime.

As he walks to his car, he looks up to the night sky and sees a shooting star/meteor. After making a wish, the meteor heads straight towards him. The meteor hits a magnetite rock that was on the ground. Owen sees some shining rocks and as he grabs them, a burst of energy bursts through him. He gets to his car and as he is about to open the door, his hand gets stuck to it. After some struggle to get himself out of the awkward predicament, he realizes that the rock might have to do something with it. Owen puts the rock on the ground and immediately the effect is over.

When Owen gets to his apartment, he begins to try out this newfound ability and is amazed by it. The next day, as Owen is walking in the back of a shopping plaza, he sees a beautiful little girl and her mother walking towards him. As they cross each other, a car accelerates and some thugs inside it start shooting at another thug that is walking behind the little girl. Owen uses his powers to make a forcefield which causes the bullets to ricochet. Owen is fine but the little girl and the others are dead.

Hours later, police and reporters are at the scene. Elisia Paz, a beautiful female reporter approaches a dejected Owen. In their conversation, he expresses how he could have saved the girl and others. Elisia tries to console him and explains that the murder was conducted by local gang members called Los Chachos. Owen tells her that he has to do something about the incident.

Owen has resolved to get the culprits of the child’s murder. He starts to train, gets a costume, and puts the rock on a bracelet. We now see Owen in his Attraction Man costume. He’s at one of the gang’s clubs and gets inside by using his powers. Several gang members point their guns at Attraction Man and they’re about to shoot him. He uses his powers to pull all the guns from the thug’s hands. After their amazement they charge towards him and start to fight.

One of the gang members kicks Attraction Man in the wrist and the rock comes off, leaving him powerless. After getting a beating from the gang members, he manages to find the rock and knocks them out. Juan their leader, tries to hit Attraction Man with a metal tube but he takes the tube and places it on Juan’s neck. As Attraction Man keeps applying pressure with the tube on Juan, he finally gets the name of one of the gang’s high rank bosses. As Attraction Man is leaving, Juan asks him who he is. Owen turns and says, “I’m Attraction Man.”

Directed by Eddie Eniel (USA)

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