Wounds also act as gates through which blood can flow out of the flesh to me. I concoct my blood, the same way as people launching a revolution to strike against the wounds and politics. Politics happen to be a wound that gets remedied in one way or another. Whenever I want to wake someone up by hitting him or her with a whip, the pain and discomfort incurred represent misery. Only after suffering from this will people, as the carriers, become aware of the wound and the changes. Traumas are old, but wounds tend to remain fresh. The poetic scene engendered by the gushing blood elevates each tissue-tearing moment into a celebratory festivity, which is analogous to what bills are to politics. It gives birth to resilience and the unknown, decorating the cruel oppositions and irreversible situations in real life. Wounds licked upwards repeatedly generate stimuli that lead to new thinking and linkage.
The power of the government comes from the people or citizens. Citizens give the government the power to plan and supervise the implementation so as to serve the whole group. The government cannot exist without people. Like flesh and wound, the latter could only be regarded as a state or activity of the former. The acquisition of government power must be legitimate, mandatory, and authoritative. Power is accountable only to the source of power—the people. However, the mandatory and authoritative nature of government has also caused the people to be controlled and oppressed by the government. The government somehow hangs without a substantial foundation right above the people, which is as absurdly as wounds suddenly existing above rather than on the flesh, which is now serving merely as the “carrier” of wounds.
The bag is Target’s. It is the people who use the bag. Throwing meat at the TV with a bag is like manipulating people and stirring up their emotions to harm me. This is exactly what some governments are doing now. They borrow the hands of the people for fear of getting their own hands dirty. Moreover, the government’s control over the people does not seem to force you to shop in Target, but Target has monopolized the whole market, so what difference does it have from compulsion?

Directed by Junxian Ouyang (USA)

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