Gatsby Alone

Gatsby Alone, inspired by The Great Gatsby, addresses the isolation we currently feel during the worldwide Covid pandemic. Jay Gatsby has created an artificial reality for himself. He is trapped, bound by the lies he’s told about his life, forced into a mask he has constructed for himself. He has two dreams, one of confinement and one of release, awakening to his perpetual isolation. At this moment it feels that we, like Gatsby, will never come out of this quarantine. But I believe that we will soon move beyond dreaming, of looking out the window, to step out the door and rejoin the world.

Gatsby Redux is a full length site-specific dance work created by Mixed eMotion Theatrix that was to premiere in May 2020, now hopefully in June 2021. Three videos have been created during the pandemic as the dance/theater/multimedia company awaits the opportunity to once again present live performances. This series of videos is called The Covid Sessions, inspired both by The Great Gatsby and quarantine. Gatsby Alone is the third of this series. The video was shot on location at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton, CA. The Muck is a vintage 1920’s mansion built by the founder of Fullerton.

Directed by Janet Roston (USA)

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