After Dark

After Dark

This multimedia art film was created during Covid-19 to tell the story of a woman, mother, immigrant and trauma survivor who, in the experience of losing herself during quarantine, found hope in the little things of life. After Dark was born as an artistic response to the pandemic and combines flamenco with poetry, visual art, drama and creative expression. This was created to inspire hope in those who loses it and help them remember that “the darkness of the night, does not last forever”.

This pandemic has shown us that we are all in this together because anyone, regardless of race, mother language, ethnicity, gender, age or sexual orientation has been and will continue to be affected by Covid-19. These are the stories that must be told and remembered because they will mark a before and after in the way people look at the world, relate to others and exist.

After Dark is a short-film about bringing the light of a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity after the pandemic to become better humans who will make this world, a better place to live.

Directed by Laura Sanchez (USA)

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