Set during the Vietnam War in 1969, 101st airborne division is in the middle of the battle in Hamburger Hill in effort to neutralize North Vietnamese in the A Shau. A 19 y/o Navy
Corpsman, Zielinsky came across private Wilson an African American soldier who is laying in the ground heavily wounded. Combat Medic Zielinsky hesitated to aid private Wilson a 20 y/o Army due to the fact that he is Black. Zielinsky eventually helped Wilson after hearing a large group Vietnamese in close proximity. They both run seek for cover. They discovered a hidden cave along the way which they stay hidden without the knowledge of the enemies. The cave is surrounded by enemies so they have no choice but to stay until its safe. The conflict between two races arises as both suffers from social and political upbringing during this time. Wilson is from the South and doesn’t trust white people especially after the assassination of Martin Luther King.
Zielinsky came from a racist white family and never interacted closely with a black person before. Differences a side, both need to survive for days until it’s clear to get out. Private Wilsons wound is getting infected and Zielinsky is showing early signs of PTSD.

Written by Alex Meridy and Kayleb Lee (USA)

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