The One Eyed Dog

The One Eyed Dog
The One Eyed Dog

This is the story of a single mans perpetual descent into madness and hilarity! in this pseudo psychological thriller! follow a man in his mortal journey past all perceivable and existential reality to discover almost beyond human comprehension his singularity with the universe, while a one-eyed muppet baby comically blegends him to death repeatedly for sake of mans awakening. come on a journey of comedy and discovery! come and discover what is “the one eyed dog”?!

Hitchcock B-Movie Style Film Noir Pseudo Psychological Thriller. IT’S A COMEDY! Shot in the traditions of classic B-Movie/para-cinema verite. The film explores the possible Comedic Potential for Big-Brain Film Noir B Movies and their infinite comedic potential.

Directed by D. Claire Parsons (USA)

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