Room 8

Room 8A deliveryman, Hoching Kong is fired by his boss for no reason. Hoching and his younger sister, Wingyan Kong are orphans, and they depend on Hoching’s salary for living. He is angry and gets drunk. While he is driving back home, he finds a bag of unidentified money at the side of the road. He wants to keep it and hides it in the forest, but Wingyan thinks they will get into trouble by keeping the unknown money. And then Wingyan tries to stop Hoching, but she is killed by Hoching by accident during their fight. Hoching tries to run out the forest and find somebody to help Wingyan, but he gets lost in the forest, and he gets into a secret house, Room 8. He finds out Room 8 can bring him back to the time when Wingyan was still alive. Therefore, in order to save Wingyan, Hoching gets lost in the time loop.

Directed by Wai Kuen Fu (China)

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