Compilation “Couch’s Crazy Cartoon Commercials” streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV

Couch's Crazy Cartoon Commercials
Couch’s Crazy Cartoon Commercials

Couch’s Crazy Cartoon Commercials”  (USA), a short compilation of commercials you, hopefully, will never see.

Directed by Steve Couch, the funny 8-minute compilation is now available for streaming at our associate Independent Shorts Awards TV. Recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award for Best Parody Short in the round of February 2020.

Steve Couch
Steve Couch

“To my secret shame, I love comedy and to watch cartoons. I love pretty much all cartoons – from classic MGM, Warner Brothers and Fleischer Brother toons to Spongebob, Rick and Morty and the Simpsons. That’s why I invest the long hours necessary to create stupid animations, so that people with short attention spans (like me) who are fascinated by bright colors and noises can watch too!”, explains director Steve Couch.

Start your 7-day free trial and enjoy one of more than 380 award-winning films available at the exclusive streaming channel of Independent Shorts Awards.

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