Dwayne and Ollie’s Dumpster Disco

Dwayne and Ollie's Dumpster Disco
Dwayne and Ollie’s Dumpster Disco

“Dwayne and Ollie” are two city originals who can’t stand the new state of their neighborhood. Hipsters, yuppies and worst of all, angry, liberal white women are making conditions unbearable. Do they take advantage of their obvious ignorance to scams, schemes and back door deals? Do they seduce the new population with their “rough around the edges” charm? Or do they completely submit and curl up into the corner of their dumpster they once dreamed of turning into a disco? Follow these lovable street dwellers in “Dwayne and Ollie’s Dumpster Disco.”

Directed by Camilo Anaya (USA)


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