AksAKS (Hindi) – Your Own Reflection… An Image Representing Your Own Fears And Your Own Delusions.
The question here is that, is your AKS your own enemy? What is your own and what is common to all of us?
What is common to all are our fears, our delusions and they occur as a common thread in the form of the imagination that ties all living entities here.
What would you do if faced with a dilemma where you have to either kill your AKS or your Own Self…
Raghav knows that killing either would kill the entity and its imagination simultaneously. One cannot stay without the other. If one goes the other goes too with it. That, you are alive because of your fears and delusions and they control every aspect of living is now known to him.

Radio Jockey Raghav has recently started his radio show. People are reported dying after listening to his show. Police arrests RJ Raghav and hires a physiatrist Dr. Suchitra to understand his behaviour.

Will Dr Suchitra be successful in making Raghav confess to his deeds or will she be his next victim?

Directed by Satyam Raj (India)

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