Loss Of Reality

Loss Of Reality“Loss of Reality” is a 30-minute long Short-Movie about drug addiction – The author and Director Martin Holper wants to show with the comical atmosphere and a pint of humor, the dramatical destiny of a young man. He abuses Drugs to overlook is daily problems. Mainly it is about introspection – as so often, you don’t even notice, as a drug addict, how deep you are stuck in the swamp, and you notice that you have a problem way to late. So also Momo, a young mitt twenties man, who would rather take drugs and fool around with his girlfriend, then work at his parents shop. Momos irresponsible behaviour towards himself, starts soon to affect his family and friends. The worst of it are getting his brothers Atila and Iskender. Momo fails to fulfil his family obligations, and even forgets to take his little brother from school.
Atila loses his faith in his brothers ability to change his life, and doesn’t want him in the family any more. Iskender is the lonely ray of hope in Momos life that means enough to him to overthink his decisions.
The main content is visualized in a drug rush: Momo goes to an odyssey, carried by equally comical as abstract pictures, in which he has to face his horrors. During the Movie, Momo reflects about his life, and tries to find his lost self.

Directed by Martin Holper (Austria)


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